How We Choose To Diversify

Our sister concerns in other businesses


S.N. SECURITIES LIMITED is a member of the Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. We have very efficient and skilled staffs who give personal attention to each and every client. We know the value of your money so with our expertise and market analysis we try to maximize your investment in the growing capital market of the country. We ensure safe and secure investment to our clients through market research and trading analysis. We believe in honesty and we always try our best to give our clients the best investment advices to maximize their profit. We also welcome foreign investors and we provide customized service for different clients according to their need. We have always believed and still believe in long term relationship and by the grace of the Almighty we have always had fruitful relationship with all our Clients. We have a very friendly and peaceful trading atmosphere in our brokerage house.


As the first homegrown healthcare group in Bangladesh, CCLL was incorporated on 22nd February, 1984. It was a pioneering venture in the field of integrated and automated diagnostics in Bangladesh.

Chevrons comprehensive range of investigative services have played a crucial role in helping millions of patients obtaining proper diagnostic services since its inception. Derived from one the world’s largest catalog of clinical laboratory procedures, our diagnostic insights reveal new avenues to identify and treat diseases, inspire healthy behaviors and improve health care management. Chevron Clinical Lab annually serves one in three residents of Chittagong and more than three-fourths of the physicians in the region, and our 500 employees understand that, in the right hands and with the right context, our diagnostic insights can inspire actions that transform lives.

At present, Chevron portfolio includes Clinical Laboratory Management, Healthcare Technical Services, Diagnostic Modality Development and Commissioning, Specialist Physician Consultation Services, modern Eye Hospital and Research Center and many more.

HUMAYUN ENTERPRISE was incorporated in 1984. It is enlisted with Petrobangla and is a ‘Class A’ Government Constructor. Since its initiation, we have done some major pipeline works in the oil and gas industry of the country. Our motto is “WE SERVE TO SATISFY”. We have connected most cities with the national gas grid for natural gas distribution. Our clients include many government institutions and international & national private organisations. Our Engineers, technicians and workers are certified, skilled and experienced with utmost dedication. We have always believed in quality and performance with strictly maintaining the timeline for delivery. We continuously strive to ensure the satisfaction and quality of works. We understand the ever growing need to be economical and effective, hence our continuous efforts to keep our customers’ business profitable while building partnerships are for a lifetime.

ABS Logistics serves as the logistical support company to the group, offering a one-stop logistical support for all needs of various industries . With a fleet of vehicles, handling equipment, warehouses and a team to ensure the process of distribution efficient, it operates full-time delivering all import and export goods to its final destinations while ensuring its safe transportation. From corporate removals to shifting factories, we handle it all with utmost efficiency. We maintain an efficient way of maintaining the warehouses and distributions to various locations. For international logistical support, we have partners globally which helps us to ensure the utmost care when handling and a delivery promise that is second to none.

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