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We offer all ITW Polymers and Performance Fluids products offering Equipment Grouting, Repair Solutions, Sealants, Wear and Abrasion. It includes resins, putty, choking compound, adhesives, composite spray, for industries such as Industrial, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Wind, Marine, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc.


Devcon products by ITW Polymers and Performance Fluids of USA is the International Standardized product for Ship Building, Maintenace and Repair. Through its various diverse products, it ensures construction, maintenance and repair of all kinds of machineries and equipment. From Titanium Putty to Aluminium and Plastic Steel Putty, that has the global reputation for best performance, Devcon offers a wide range of products. We are the Authorized Sales Agents for Bangladesh for all ITW products. 



Another Internationally Standardized product for Shipbuilding and Repair solutions is Chockfast Orange. This expert solution is globally renowned for the chocking of Marine Engines, Propulsions Systems and Sterntube Applications with precise & permanent alignment resistance to expansion under hot-running machinery and rapid curing with negligible shrinkage.


For over 40 years, EPOCAST® has provided highly reliable chocking solutions for cruise ships, bulk vessels, LPG/LNG tanks, navy ships and many other marine applications. EPOCAST® chocking systems are economical and convenient for new builds as well as retrofits resulting in considerably shorter and easier installations, compared to traditional metal chocks.


Plexus provides a range of advanced structural adhesives that improve manufacturing and assembly techniques and processes. The wide range of advanced adhesive products are suitable for bonding a vast majority of composites, thermoplastics, metals and dissimilar substrates that result in durable bonds capable of withstanding the harshest climatic conditions with minimal or no surface preparation. Our commitment to quality is delivered in every adhesive system we produce; providing our customers with confidence in reliability and consistency of our products.

Lincoln Electric

For over 125 years, Lincoln continued to bring the best welding solutions with a wide range of equipment and products for welders, training tools, fume control systems and other gear to promote quality and efficiency. Welding equipment, Cutting Equipment, Guns & Torches, Training Equipment and Safety Clothing. We offer all Lincoln products and accessories with after sales services. 

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