Solar & Power

Go beyond logistics, make the revolution business.


The world’s only multitasking Light Pole. Omniflow has desgined the ultimate Omni Directional Power Generation light pole to offer a great array of services and tools. The light pole can be off-grid, generating its own power through Solar and Wind, to support its various hardware and tools installed within. The Wind power generation system is built in such a way that even the light breeze helps to generate energy. With inbuilt high converting solar panels, it generates energy without any effort.

The panel also offers services such as IoT Platforms, Surveillance, Traffic controlling, high powered-low consumption LED bulbs, electric chargers, WiFi systems, 5G antenna, high efficiency storage battery and a dashboard to control it all. This small unit will transform how we generate energy and use it for better services. This is designed for the Futuristic Cities, IT Parks, Business & Economic Zones, Gated Communities, Specialized Secured Zones, Green Cities, Container Yards, Ports, Car Parks, Shopping Malls, etc. 


Preformed Line Products

Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality cable anchoring and control hardware and systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. A company based in USA with manufacturing plants spread worldwide, we are the largest suppliers of products for Energy Distribution, Energy Transmission, Solar and Communications since 1947. 

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